WTF’s an Atomic Turnip anyway?!

Thanks for asking so kindly. Atomic Turnip is the creative outlet for some parasite named Nek.

It all started in 2008 or so when I created a little web series named Fire and began uploading it to YouTube under the fake company “The Big Tube Entertainment”. Like most things it started off pretty slowly, but then I made a really half-assed YouTube video for some edgy band that somehow earned my channel an audience.

Eventually I changed “The Big Tube Entertainment” to “Atomic Turnip Studios” because the former sounded like a euphemism for a particularly large penis. I then cancelled Fire in 2012 and made a spinoff, The Many Misadventures of Louis and Mr. Chocolate, which focused on the only two Fire characters I cared about.

After the quick cancellation of Louis and Mr. Chocolate and almost ten years of writer’s block, I finally started my first series that isn’t complete garbage, Maids Caught on Tape. I then figured it gave me the perfect opportunity to dust off the old “Atomic Turnip” moniker. And that pretty much brings us to today.